As ranked by spirtual leader, Robert.M.Sheehan

26 BJ & Clanger What would we have done without these two blokes? From washing the jumpers, to serving our dinner on a Thursday night, providing us with fresh fruit and lollies and just generally being great blokes to have around the place. Clanger the low-key one in the pair always wearing a cheeky grin throwing barbs to his favourites whilst BJ was never shy to give his views from the sidelines. Both tremendous blokes that were as integral to the Dynasty as Rushy, Booba or Dobbo. But I have to say, the funniest moment had to be when Dick taken us through a painstaking preparation and had gone to the trouble to set up a TV and DVD player…30 seconds in, BJ kicked the cord….brilliant. One of my favourite Clanger moments was when we were at Werribee and he mentioned that he used to date a girl in Werribee.
27 Grace under pressure Big Kelvin Grace was the lumbering ruckman who was a pivotal member of the ’08 flag. And those at Central Reserve that day won’t forget him backing back into the path of the OGs full-forward as quarter time approached, showing scant regard for his personal safety. Gracey took the grab, then the hit, and looked down and out as he stumbled round like punch drunk fighter…before dusting himself off and pushing on.
28 Shirts off There have been many great celebrations over the years but none better than Micky Rappa ripping his shirt off and jumping into the arms of John Rush. This beautiful moment was captured on camera and was Rappa’s profile picture on the book for quite some time.
29 Duke Airlines Without doubt THE most spectacular grab of the dynasty was Sam Jess’ hanger at EP in 2010 against Peninsula. At the score-board end in the first term, a high ball was pumped into the 45m and the Duke launched himself over the top of the big pack, stood on shoulders and took a clean grab. He landed later in the day at Avalon.
30 The Hunter Boyd Dellwo became “The Hunter” after a day down at Hampton in 2006, when he laid a big tackle and as he got up to take the free-kick he said to the Rovers player, “you’ve just been hunted”….. his competitive spirit on the ground is second to none, and in a typical bruising encounter at Ted Adjani in 2010, he pointed at a Bull-Temp midfielder and snarled, “I’ve got your number son”….
31 Cool Hand Luke During 2010, the side had to spend most of the year without it’s previous spiritual leader, as Robert Sheehan was required by the senior side.Thankfully Luke Sheehan was there on half-back, to provide that calming influence that the Sheehan’s provide. Particularly on a wintery day @ Lindsay Hassett, as we went through the motions against the bottom side, and did our very best to lose the game. Only for Lukey to have 13 possessions in the last term as he continually repelled the advances, and showed a cool-head to save the game. You can always count on the Sheehan’s.
32 Hannibal We are not a superficial club but I think it should be said from the outset that Jem Newland is a very good looking man. In 2008, his most valuable assets was damaged when he suffered a broken nose. This didn’t faze Newl and he went about his recovery. Little did he know that Terry Scanlon understood the value of Newls nose and spent an entire day driving around Melbourne searching for a nose guard. Terry arrived at Como Park for the clash with Old Geelong proudly brandishing a nose guard that drew comparisons to the mask famously worn by Anthony Hopkins in Silence of the Lambs. Out of respect of Terry, Newl wore the guard.
33 Brothers in arms The story of the Stribley’s is a popular one because they are just such bloody good blokes. The pair arrived in 2004 and spent their first season with Boyd Dellwo in the Clubbies under the astute direction of Cerini and Connolly. They were generally both in the best every week and they were encouraged to play Seniors and Reserves in the following years. And aren’t we glad they did. I am not sure if he officially won an award for this but Chris was our best player in the 2008 finals series. And David was just as important dashing along the wing. To see the brothers play in a flag together was a wonderful thing to see.
34 Senior Slots One Think of the movie Blindside in which Sandra Bullock won an Oscar for turning an unlikely footballer into a superstar. Alex “Senior” Kemp looked more like a rugby player than an AFL footballer, he also favoured Bundy over beer and loved big RM Williams belts. But immediately he was loved by the club for his charm and quick wit. More of a swimmer than a runner, Senior battled through pre-season runs but never gave in. And so when he slotted his first goal against Bulleen Templestowe at the Gillon grown men cried as he was mobbed by his team-mates. He went on to be Treasurer of the Club (for about 2 weeks) and will be forever be one of our favourite sons.
35 Son of a Gun Michael Carney was like the Stephen Silvagni of the Dynasty.  The son of a club legend who could play at either end, but was mainly in defence and had an amazing knack of getting his long Inspector Gadget like arms in for a spoil.   Perhaps Chin’s finest hour was one of the darkest days, when in 2008 we received a fair touch up from Old Geelong at the Como.  It would have been far worse, but for Chilli-Con’s 27 spoils for the day, which many think is a VAFA record.  He spent the remainder of the year in the late game, but came back on GF day to again prove to be the nemesis of the OGs.  Mick followed up in 2009, acting as Co-Captain in the back to back flag.
36 Sprinter & Stayer Chris Horsely, or Doreimus as Tommy Alsop liked to call him, claims that the outer wing at Central Reserve has been named in his honour, such was his game in the 2008 GF.  Whilst he may be getting a little carried away, if you watch the tape, it was as if he brought his own ball in the first term.  Given too much latitude, he kept pumping the ball inside 50, and even had a couple of shots on goal himself.  He continued on his stellar form throughout the game, and from there has mainly been a senior player, as one of the dynasty’s greatest success stories. Another who reveled in the wide expanses of Central Reserve was Jack Nihill, a member of the ’08 side. A near 100 gamer for the club, Jack would run all day off half back (legend has it one day at De La he turned to his opponent and said, “I hope you brought your running shoes son, as you’re in for a long day”) and then deliver with the precision of a surgeon wielding his scalpel.
37 Rushy’s Kids The 2009 finals series was also the time of the birth of JRush’s first child.  But they weren’t the only kids who he took a shine to in 2009.  Young Lukey Davison won his heart with his lust for hurting people on the field (legally mind you; and who could forget him rocking up on GF night with his swag in the clubrooms!), Benny “Humphrey” O’Halloran’s classy work off half-back received great admiration from the coach, even if his nickname for him never took off (this was pre the establishment of the nickname committee by D.Joyce and C.Dobson).  Josh Minenko cut a swathe through opposition forward lines and kicked an important goal in the last quarter of the GF, whilst Tristan Dower was often the fall guy when fingers were pointed on the pine, was a highly valued creative half-back.
38 Johnny Barker There were murmurs that AFL champion and the third best Barker footballer would pull on the boots for the NOBS in 2009. But no one expected it would be in the Reserves. As we faced competition leaders Whitefriars at the Gillon, there was an excitement in the rooms as big JB ambled in an put his bag down with the trademark Barker grin. Wowee. And in a tough tussle his obvious class proved to be the difference.
39 Dan the Man Those who were there at the 2009 Grand Final will testify that it was the windiest day that football has EVER been played in. 13 of the 14 goals for the game were kicked with the gale force winds to the Buckley Street end. Many kicks kicked into the wind were going backwards. Only 1 kick for the day penetrated the impenetrable and sailed through the sticks. In the end, it was the difference. Oh yeah, it was Dan Moloney.
40 Wet Weather Specialist NOBSPC like any footy club loves a big statement.  Popular ones include Chris Hosking is the best CHB in the VAFA.  Michael Barker the best set shot for goal EVER.  And so on.  In 2009, Slippery Pete Carnovale arrived at the club, and people started talking about the “best wet weather player in the comp” in Pete Carnovale.  Story goes he used to do rain dances on a Friday night, willing on a downpour.  Come Saturday, the coaches would put him in the middle and away he went.  As if upset by this pigeon holed view, Pete had a blinder in the 2010 GF in perfect conditions.  A man for all seasons.
41 Exorcising the Demons The Playing Fields at Mentone weren’t happy hunting grounds. 2008 was bad enough, but then again in 2009 in the last round we again rolled over. So when we played there again in the last round in 2010, there was unfinished business to attend to. And with Peter “Tip Rat” Shepherd controlling the forward 50 and crumbing goals at will, the ghosts of the past were laid to rest.
42 JVD OOC But for a debilitating hip-injury, Joseph van Dyk could have been a member of the Super 9, or changed Batman and Robin to the Three Amigos. It wasn’t to be. But in 2008 he was a live-wire across half-forward, but was lucky to not to have an enforced lay-off, when he retaliated to a cheeky hit from a Reds player and returned in kind right in front of the umpire….sensing it was tit for tat, and not wanting to miss Packed to the Rafters on the Tuesday night, common sense prevailed and the ump let it go. P.S – who could forgot JVD’s skolling after the ’08 GF.
43 Love the Punt Chris Punton is an electrifying talent.  His feet move so quickly he was offered a role on the hit Broadway show “Tap Dogs”.  Luckily for NOBSPC he spent two seasons at the Gillon instead and helped shape the dynasty by providing it with considerable spark in 2008.  Who could forget the Thursday night before the GF, when we finished off with a drill that had Punts lead out then kick the goal.  He couldn’t miss.  Come game day he was on fire early, taking grab after grab…but couldn’t convert….he got his eye in eventually and finished with 4 goals in a dominant display!
44 ROK Bottom The low-point of the dynasty was the mauling we received at the hands of Old Mentone in Rd 11 2008. 87 points, clearly out worst day. Down on numbers our water boy was forced to play (was BOG mind you) and we even had to enlist Ryan O’Keefe (not the Swans one) to the side, and whilst he kicked 2.1 it was in vain as they piled on 10 goals in the last quarter as we simply gave up, and gave no support to Bobby and Frenchy during this dark day as the Mentone fans got stuck into them. Makes Dobbo’s goal at Toorak Park the next week all the more important.
45 The Comeback Kids While they probably didn’t come back from as far as the afore mentioned AJ, they certainly did time it well. Franc Caldow, Jim Mirtschin, Lachlan “Ronnie” Dullard and Nick “Dukes” Thomas all worked hard to come back from injuries during the 2010 season, just in time to ensure qualification for the finals. 2 seemed genuine, mainly Franc’s and Thommo’s, they were seen training with slings and casts respectively during their recovery, while Ronnie’s and Mirch’s were a little dubious. However all enjoyed the sloppy conditions and played a major role during the finals series. Caldow’s contested possessions in the GF, Mirsch’s massive bear hug tackles, Ronnie’s constant work in the packs (and timely ,wobbly set shot goal) and Thommo’s dominance in the ruck, particularly late in the game as he jumped all over them. More importantly, all 4 played an even bigger role during the premiership celebrations. The quietly spoken Mirch and Franc, along with the silent Thomo all came to life throughout the weekend’s events, while Ronnie kept up his consistent smiling form.
46 High Noon Tommy Noonan came to the club in 2010, and quickly won over fans and players alike with his frenetic attitude on the field. He loved the Boneyard, and would always come off the ground caked in mud. But he could play too, with his 3rd quarter blitz (after Tony had left at ½ time to go to the Valley) against Werribee his magnum opus, with brilliant snapped goals and joyous celebrations demolarising the Bees.
47 BJ’s Favourites I reckon if Br John Laidlaw could adopt any three kids from NOBSPC, it’d be Ed, Swooper & Triggy. Got a sneaking suspicion they’re his favourites. Ed, aka Donkey, is an old fashioned utility, can play down back, in the mids or up forward. Not to mention shut down roles, his job on a hot Werribee mid who threatened to get out of control in the 2010 1st semi was massive, and vital to the win. Whilst Scott “Swooper” Niewand is a modern day Paul Van de Haar, the blond flowing locks, laconic attitude, but vice like hands and a love of taking hangers. Or kicking big bomb goals, like his first of the game in the 1st semi in 2010. His best day was his clinic against Will CYMS at the Boneyard in 2010. Vanders would have loved it. And Triggy was a silky skilled flanker who loves a goal. His left foot snap in the 2010 1st semi was a beauty.
48 Monkey off the back The Juggernaut Era for the North reserves was from 2000-2004. Created by Brendan Devine and Mark Robinson, and with Jon Barlow and then Dan Sheehan as the spiritual leaders, when on song it was an irresistible force. It was an exciting time and the side was full of talent. In each of the five years the side was capable of winning the premiership, yet we didn’t, as we were beaten by sides better at handling the big moments. 2004, a 4-point loss to SKOBs in the GF is the one that got away, and made it 4 losses from 5 finals. Not a great stat. We didn’t play another final until 2008, and there was just two survivors from ’04, but the result was the same. Another loss, this time to OGs in the 2nd semi. 5 out of 6. But this group had character by the bucket load, and bounced back and proceeded to peel off 7 consecutive finals wins, in a stunning run of football over three Septembers. As they say in the classics, “the monkey’s off the back Billy!!!”
49 GIVE IT OFF!! Post the Juggernaut Era and pre the Dynasty, were the years in the wilderness of 2005-2007. 2006 we were competitive, but not the other two. Lean times. But in 2007 there were some shining lights who would later be key members of the dynasty. None more so than Tommy Reilly. An un-compromising defender, he defied his slender frame and tread in places that were not for the faint hearted. Commitment and courage were his hallmarks. Kicking on the other hand, was not…in 2008, JRush made it quite clear, not only were ruckman not to kick, and neither was Tommy (“GIVE IT OFF!!!”). Often he defied this ruling, especially when he pinch-hit in the middle, but he was a favourite of Rushy’s and he generally let it go.