Brunswick Football Club Statement – COVID-19

In light of the unprecedented time we find ourselves in at the moment, and in light of recent updates from our governing body the VAFA, the decision has been made to suspend any and all activities for the Brunswick Football Club, effective immediately.

All training, planned practice matches and all events are suspended indefinitely. The VAFA’s decision today to delay the start of the season until at least the 2nd of May has the club’s support and we also acknowledge that the situation is ever changing and the start date may be extended even more.

When we have an exact start date for the season we will assess the situation and communicate our plans for training and new practice matches to everyone so that we can potentially get the 2020 season started.

We put the highest emphasis on the health and well-being of all our players, their families and the wider community. We also strive to live by our club values and in these uncertain times we hope that our members respect each other, show leadership in times of uncertainty and have a family and community focus. These times will be hard on a lot of people so please continue to reach out to the wider football community and support as many Brunswick people, sponsors and local businesses as we can via whatever means necessary.

Stay safe, look after yourselves and please look out for future announcements.


Jarryd Browne
Brunswick Football Club