2018 Division 1

Senior Ladder

Hampton Rovers143186.4558
Therry Penola126126.0148
Prahran Assumption117143.4344
Preston Bullants99107.3136
West Brunswick71185.5228
Brunswick FC31552.8212

Round 1

Oakleigh Oakleigh7.5-4713.12-9020.17-13723.20-158
Brunswick FC Brunswick FC3.3-215.3-3311.6-7216.8-104

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Round 2

Brunswick FC Brunswick FC0.5-51.7-134.12-364.12-36
Preston Bullants Preston Bullants1.2-89.7-6110.10-7017.15-117

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Round 3

Kew Kew3.8-266.14-507.17-5916.21-117
Brunswick FC Brunswick FC2.0-123.1-195.5-357.6-48

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Round 4

Hampton Rovers Hampton Rovers11.4-7015.10-10022.15-14728.21-189
Brunswick FC Brunswick FC1.0-62.1-132.2-144.2-26

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Round 5

Brunswick FC Brunswick FC2.2-146.6-427.9-519.11-65
Therry Penola Therry Penola7.3-458.3-5115.8-9820.9-129

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Round 6

Ormond Ormond8.4-5213.8-8616.12-10821.13-139
Brunswick FC Brunswick FC2.2-144.7-314.10-347.18-60

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Round 7

Brunswick FC Brunswick FC4.4-286.10-4611.15-8114.19-103
Ivanhoe Ivanhoe2.1-138.4-529.5-5912.8-80

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Round 8

West Brunswick West Brunswick2.2-144.12-366.16-5213.23-101
Brunswick FC Brunswick FC5.5-355.6-369.8-6210.8-68

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Round 9

Brunswick FC Brunswick FC0.2-20.2-21.3-95.3-33
Prahran Assumption Prahran Assumption2.5-178.7-5512.10-8216.13-109

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Round 10

Therry Penola Therry Penola4.4-2811.5-7113.6-8418.13-121
Brunswick FC Brunswick FC0.2-27.3-458.5-5312.9-81

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Round 11

Brunswick FC Brunswick FC0.1-10.4-43.5-237.6-48
Kew Kew5.3-3310.4-6417.5-10722.6-138

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Round 12

Brunswick FC Brunswick FC2.1-133.8-266.9-4511.12-78
Oakleigh Oakleigh4.1-256.1-379.6-6012.9-81

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Round 13

Ivanhoe Ivanhoe4.4-287.13-559.18-7213.24-102
Brunswick FC Brunswick FC6.4-406.4-409.9-6311.11-77

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Round 14

Brunswick FC Brunswick FC5.1-316.5-419.7-6111.8-74
Hampton Rovers Hampton Rovers3.4-227.7-4910.8-6817.11-113

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Round 15

Brunswick FC Brunswick FC5.2-325.6-3610.7-6714.10-94
West Brunswick West Brunswick4.2-267.4-4610.5-6514.8-92

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Round 16

Prahran Assumption Prahran Assumption4.5-296.9-4513.12-9017.15-117
Brunswick FC Brunswick FC0.1-12.2-143.2-205.4-34

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Round 17

Brunswick FC Brunswick FC0.2-20.3-30.9-90.9-9
Ormond Ormond6.4-4014.13-9719.18-13221.19-145

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Round 18

Preston Bullants Preston Bullants3.1-197.2-448.8-5611.10-76
Brunswick FC Brunswick FC4.3-277.5-4711.9-7512.12-84

Strange as it may seem coming off a goalless performance the week before and playing a team who thrashed us by 81 points earlier in the year, Brunswick travelled to Preston on Saturday confident of a victory in the final round of a tough season. Such are the vagaries of a young and developing team, the return from injury of some key players and the inclusion of a couple of talented youngsters from the Colts gave us an extra spring in our step, which translated to us starting well, leading at every break and then clinging on for an excellent eight-point win in difficult conditions.

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