Yarra Valley OB vs Brunswick FC

Premier C Women
August 3, 2019, 4:45 pm
Score: 12 - 16
Yarra Valley OB Yarra Valley OB0.1-10.3-30.6-61.6-12
Brunswick FC Brunswick FC2.2-142.3-152.3-152.4-16
Yarra Valley OB Yarra Valley OB90 - 108
Yarra Valley OB Yarra Valley OB50 - 111
St Bedes/Mentone Tigers St Bedes/Mentone Tigers64 - 41
Match Report

The Renos headed back to Doncaster for the replay of last week’s match on a dry, dim lighted ground for a chance to go straight into the grand final.

The team got there early to cheer on the NOBS who coincidentally were playing at the same ground. The large and very vocal group of Renegade supporters enjoyed seeing the come from behind win.

The NOBS lined up at the race and the Renos ran out to a roaring applause, ready to hit the ground running.

Monday night the team had met to discuss how we could shutdown Yarra and what we could do better as a team. Safe to say the meeting paid off and we stopped their quick hands and ability to find space.

We came out strong and got an early goal through JB to set the tone. Unfortunately Disco got injured in the 1st passage of play and we are awaiting scans.

Mad Dog, Bleichy and Clarky were instrumental through the midfield, in and under every contest and wrapping up Yarra whenever they got the ball.

Our Captain got the honour of being tagged for the whole game due to her dominance the previous week against Yarra, “Who’s got 24?” was a phrase heard from the bench time and time again.

The forward line was great with their zones and attack, they guarded their space and locked the ball in our 50 at every opportunity. Another goal by Caitlin got us a little breathing room leading into the second half.

Palombi and Sticky worked hard in the ruck all game against a much taller opponent, whilst the backline was instrumental again lead by Flicka and Pia.

Ned was flat out running rotations for Maddie with 6 on the bench and wanting to keep all legs fresh.

Ryan kept a cool head when Coach Hennessy was thinking dejavu when Yarra lifted in the 4th.

The supporters were amazing and could be heard across the ground. And the cheer when the final siren sounded was allegedly heard back in Brunswick. Inviting all our team mates, friends and family into the circle to sing the song was fantastic!

It was a strong team effort from a group that never gave up and believed in themselves. There will no doubt be a few sore heads today after celebrating at our wonderful sponsor The Vic!

We now have the week off before heading to the big dance in a fortnight. Very exciting times ahead!!!

11. Jessica Brown1
47. Caitlin Maher-Gale1
73. Felicity Smith1
59. Pia Salvatore2
3. Andie Bleicher3
16. Sasha Dougherty4
69. Amy Clark5
1. Kelly Dungate
8. Angela Snowdon
14. Eliza Cole
17. Emily Taylor
21. Josephine Brown
24. Clare Woodhouse
27. Niamh Moynihan
32. Katie Mcclue
36. Kate Sullivan
41. Isabella Jones
45. Monica Gray
50. Lauren Palombi
53. Emily Goode
57. Fern Speechley
58. Nicola Crisp
62. Samara Griffin
71. Gemma Costello
76. Morgyn Mccarthy Harding
79. Amy Dillon


Venue Information

Doncaster Reserve

Doncaster Rd and Leeds St, Doncaster East VIC