On August 11th at Gillon Oval the 1978 U19 Premiership team will hold a reunion. Pictured above is the winning team from 40 years ago.

Standing Left to Right: Tony Richardson, Tony Robins (Team Manager), Ian Marchesi, Paul Considine, Mick Furey, Grant Pearse (Capt), Americo Bevanda, Terry Ryan, Matt Purcell (Coach), Mick McCullough, Gary Carroll, Brendan O’Sullivan, Gary Giese.

Front Row Left to Right: Alan Tepper, John Dodd, Greg O’Toole, Michael Clarke, Steve Weir, Des Ryan, Chris Hibbert, Steve Crowley, Sam Bellaimo.

Absent: Rob Bergin (V Capt), Peter Mott, Roger Enriquez, John McIntyre, Mick Trevean, Craig Atkinson, Ian Fulton.

Injured all Season: Steve O’Rourke

The 1970’s & 1980’s were the golden age for North Old Boys enjoying a two decade long run in the A grade VAFA competition. The 1978 U19 Premiership team had some talented players who went to have highly successful senior playing careers.

Tony Richardson, Paul Considine, Grant Pearse, Americo Bevanda, Gary Carroll, Greg O’Toole, Steve Weir, Des Ryan, Chris Hibbert, Steve O’Rourke and John McIntyre all played Seniors in North Old Boys A Grade teams.

Paul Considine, Gary Carroll, Steve O’Rourke and Steve Weir made the VAFA Victorian team and Paul Considine and Gary Carrol were named All Australian.

More importantly each of the 1978 U19 Premiership team players, coaches and managers have a life long bond from having trained for and played together in a Premiership team.

All ex-North Old Boys from any era are welcome to join the reunion at the last home game of Brunswick NOBs on the 11th August.