This week’s player profile is someone who epitomises the Brunswick spirit. An OG Renegade, Kelly Dungate was at the first Renegades training session back in 2014 when all of 4 people showed up on a cold and windy night. Since then she’s been a backbone of the club, as a dedicated committee member and club person, filling many organisational roles as the women’s list grew from 4 to 88. She basically runs the place, all quietly and behind the scenes, from organising all of our women’s and whole of club events to dominating in hashtaggery on the socials.

On field she’s also got some impressive chops as well, being returned as vice-captain this year and dominating the forward line most games, and in nearly all cases winning in leg speed despite being usually twice the age of her opponent!

She’s also known to lay a very mean bump, going out of her way to protect her teammates and show the competition how fierce Brunswick is. Kelly plays her 50th game in our last home game for 2018 at home against West Brunswick. Get down and cheer this Renegade legend on.

Hometown: Perth

Occupation: looking after the interwebs for the govt

AFL/AFLW: Fremantle (forever suffering)

Greatest Sporting Achievement: winning the 1996 Mazenod Youth Gift and getting a sash and a cheque for $96

Playing Career: 2014-current Brunswick Renegades, 49 games in total. Have a pact with Woodhouse to play to a 100!

Playing Position: somewhere in the forward line or in the guts when a bit of “mongrel” is required

Playing Number: 1

Pre-game Ritual: early morning market run and then saying as little as possible before the game

What should we expect from you on game day: the meanest game face in the business, getting into at least one shoving contest with an opposition player and being forever thirsty (and always politely asking where the water runner is).

Best on field player: Woodhouse, I have never seen someone steamroll so many other players, opposition and team mates. Do not get in her way.

Best off field player: Wolfie (spitting red wine means she’s on form)

Best thing about playing for Brunswick: the people! I love the club and getting to train and play the game with people I consider family is a great feeling. I also love the constant bickering with Mad Dog, aka Mistleshit.

Kelly Dungate

Our very own Sandgroper – Kelly Dungate plays her 50th game for the Renegades this weekend