Starting out in B grade as a skinny winger, Browney is now one of the elder statesmen around the club on the field and is the Co-President off field. Jarryd puts in tireless hours every week to ensure the daily operation of the Brunswick Football Club.

Grew up: Sunbury

Personal Life: Married to Madison, one daughter Zoey who is 2 weeks old.

AFL/AFLW team: Essendon

School: Sunbury College

Playing Career: Juniors in Sunbury – Rupertswood/Sunbury Kangaroos/ Sunbury Lions (u18’s) Seniors – North Old Boys/ NOBSPC/Brunswick Football Club from 2005-current, with a small stint in the UK at the Wandsworth Demons 2011- 2012. My dad worked it out that I have played probably a tick over 400 competitive games since I started at under 13’s.

Major Injuries: A few injuries that have kept me out for 6 or so weeks, AC joints, broken hands and fingers. Nothing major.

Playing career achievements: Went to a pretty good football school so had a lot of school football success, 4 x State Champions through the years at school and then Herald Sun Shield winners 2002. Success at school was good because my main junior team was very average. Under 18’s changed clubs as my team didn’t have an under 18’s and won a premiership at Sunbury Lions 2003. Came to NOBS 2005 and played in the 2008/2009/2010 reserves premiership teams. Part of the super 9 that played in the first two, one of two that played in all three wins (with Spud LeMaitre).

Creeping up on 200 games for the Brunswick Football Club

Life member Brunswick Football Club

Never cracked a senior B&F, a few seconds and a few thirds in premiership years.

Best thing about playing for Brunswick: The place now just feels like home for me, and home is always a nice place to feel comfortable. Always had a great culture at the club that has flowed from generations it seems when I speak to the Pof’s and Fog’s of the world, and as it continues to grow it should only evolve and allow the next generation to become part of the rich history.

The club has always been adaptable and I think that is what makes us relatable to players coming in; we always ensure we are moving forward and adapting to make the place a fun environment to play footy and socialise. Having the Renegades now allows us to confidently say we are a club welcome to all, we are diverse and we are ever growing. The formation of the junior club all those years ago is bearing fruit currently and it means that we will have generations of Brunswick players donning the club colours for hopefully many years to come. That fills me with hope and pride. All that plus we have some of the best functions in the VAFA!

Best player seen on the field at Brunswick/North Old Boys: I need to give a few honourable mentions here because I have seen a lot come and go over the years. Chris Hosking was the best CHB in the ammos for years, Michael Barker the best kick for goal I’ve seen at the club. Tim Brady and Josh Cassell at their prime were very good to watch. Sam O’Connor put his head where it shouldn’t go over and over again. Sleep and Tonkin for their longevity at such a high standard. My current favourite is a skinny kid called Burgin. Reckon he’s got future captain and multiple best and fairest wins ahead of him if he wants it. But the best, and my god it was a pleasure to watch most times, is easily Matt Keown. What a star.

Best player seen off the field at Brunswick/North Old Boys: Again, lots of honourable mentions! I’ve spent a lot of time with Kyle ‘Cookie’ Adams over the years and he has had some good showings. Danny King currently still sits in elite company. The David Crook/Sam O’Connor combo was a fun team to hang out with at times. The late, great Paul Flanders showed me a lot of things early on, the Byron Bay footy trip was one that I remember well. Booba and Tonks took me under their wings at certain times. But is has to be my man Scott Sleep. No words necessary. Just good fun.

Professional career and current location: I work for BLK Sport as the teamwear accounts managers. Specialise in sporting apparel for sporting groups, from Cricket Australia to local community sporting groups. Live in Taylors Lakes with my wife Madison, daughter Zoey and cat Garlic.

Chris Le Maitre and Jarryd Browne

A younger Jarryd Browne (R) with Chris Le Maitre. The only two to play in all three reserves premiership teams between 2008 – 2010.