The conclusion of the senior men’s B&F vote count was held on Grand Final Eve at the Victoria Hotel, with clubhouse leader Geremie Ganino looking to see if his 2-vote lead over Chris Horsley could get him through the final four rounds, which he missed with injury. Also within striking range were Chris Ford and Scott Thomas. In a cliffhanger finish Horsley failed to improve his position, while Ford and Thomas did score votes, but not quite enough to catch Ganino. Well done to Gez on a well-deserved award for an excellent first season for the Club!

The top-ten were:

  1. Geremie Ganino 78
  2. Chris Horsely 76
  3. Scott Thomas 75
  4. Chris Ford 69
  5. Cam Fox 56
  6. Lachlan Ezard 46
  7. Daniel Mott 45
  8. George Hartney 32
  9. Matthew Shannon 30
  10. Dominic Sullivan 30

Club Trophy Winners

Best Clubperson
Leo Smythe Award (joint winners) L. Kroehnert
B. Skahill

Men’s Trophy Winners

Senior B&F W.G. Stuckey Trophy G. Ganino
2nd B&F Brian Hanneberry Trophy C. Horsley
Most Determined Peter Spurling Memorial Award S. Thomas
Coaches Harry Leigh Award C. Ford
Most Consistent Cashen Fogarty Trophy L. Ezard
Best First year player Dunell Family Trophy D. Mott
Most Improved G. Hartney
Senior Goal kicking Joseph Cahill Trophy C. Ford (39)
Reserves B&F Les Murray Trophy M. Rapa
Reserves 2nd B&F P. Carter
Most determined Tom O’Toole Trophy R. Clark
Coaches Award T. Henderson
Reserves Goal Kicking T. Campbell (16)
B&F Luke Fogarty
2nd B&F Chris Stribley
3rd B&F Tim Cole
Coaches’ Award Lucas Calcinotto
Most Determined Matt Reid
Goalkicker Tim Smith (11)
Game Milestones
Chris Ford 150 games
James Grinter 100 games
Mitchell Piazza 50 games
Matt Reid 50 games
Tim Weaver 50 games
Todd Cleary 50 games
Cam Fox 50 games

Men’s VAFA Division 1 voting results

VAFA Best and Fairest – LS Pepper Medal votes
1 Dean Calcedo Preston Bullants 20 votes
2 Aaron Cloke Oakleigh 17 votes
T-3 Bradley Jones PEGS 16 votes
T-3 Sean Calcedo Preston Bullants 16 votes
T-12 Lachlan Ezard Brunswick NOBSPC 13 votes
T-24 Dominic Sullivan Brunswick NOBSPC 6 votes
T-45 James Bell Brunswick NOBSPC 3 votes
T-45 Chris Horsley Brunswick NOBSPC 3 votes
T-72 Daniel Mott Brunswick NOBSPC 2 votes
T-72 Scott Thomas Brunswick NOBSPC 2 votes
T-72 Geremie Ganino Brunswick NOBSPC 2 votes

Men’s VAFA Club XVIII (1) voting results

VAFA Best and Fairest votes
1 John Farah Hawthorn AFC 23 votes
2 Nicholas Gouin Prahran Assumption 13 votes
3 Robert Nolan Richmond Central 12 votes
4 Matthew Walsh Old Xaverians 11 votes
T-10 Timothy Enright Brunswick NOBSPC 8 votes
T-18 Brenton Lawty Brunswick NOBSPC 5 votes
T-18 James Moverley Brunswick NOBSPC 5 votes
T-29 Anthony Piccolo Brunswick NOBSPC 4 votes
T-35 Christopher Gatto Brunswick NOBSPC 3 votes
T-52 Michael Di Guglielmo Brunswick NOBSPC 2 votes
T-52 Luke Fogarty Brunswick NOBSPC 2 votes
T-52 Tony Pick Brunswick NOBSPC 2 votes
T-72 Brendan Churchill Brunswick NOBSPC 1 vote
T-72 Michael Rapa Brunswick NOBSPC 1 vote
T-72 Tim Smith Brunswick NOBSPC 1 vote

Women’s Trophy Winners

Premier Women
Best and Fairest Clare Woodhouse
Runner Up Best and Fairest Amelia Phipps
Leading Goal Kicker Kelly Dungate (6)
Rising Renegade Amelia Phipps
Player’s Player Jessica Finlay
Reserves Women
Best and Fairest Lauren Hagan
Runner Up Best and Fairest Alexandra Cashion & Cassie Zurek
Leading Goal Kicker Eliza Cole
Alexandra Cashion
Hayley Carmichael
Emily Pritchard
Madeline Lakos
Mariana Navarro (1)
Rising Renegade Tegan Larin
Player’s Player Cassie Zurek
Renegades Team Awards
Club Person Award Alexander Watson

Women’s VAFA Premier Women voting results

VAFA Best and Fairest votes
1 Tash Ross-Harris Fitzroy 27 votes
2 Claire Messent Old Trinity 18 votes
T-3 Irena Malliaras Caulfield Grammarians 16 votes
T-3 Taylor Padfield Marcellin 16 votes
T-12 Kelly Dungate Brunswick Renegades 8 votes
T-20 Clare Woodhouse Brunswick Renegades 5 votes
T-33 Melissa Backhouse Brunswick Renegades 3 votes
T-33 Niamh Moynihan Brunswick Renegades 3 votes
T-46 Lauren Palombi Brunswick Renegades 2 votes
T-46 Amelia Phipps Brunswick Renegades 2 votes
T-46 Brooke Robinson Brunswick Renegades 2 votes
T-46 Kate Sullivan Brunswick Renegades 2 votes
T-66 Monica Gray Brunswick Renegades 1 vote
T-66 Hannah Musil Brunswick Renegades 1 vote
T-66 Felicity Smith Brunswick Renegades 1 vote